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Friday Club

Jan 24th  7.30pm

Doors open at 7pm. Talk starts at 7.30pm
Entry is free and open to the public, all welcome, all ages.
This month’s topic….

Change: Rob Peeling

Rob Peeling Messier 42 – the most famous DSO

After the break

Peter’s winter imaging and a comet available there will be plenty to talk about.

Location Map

Main Meeting

Feb 15th 2020 7pm

Hunting Outbursting Young Stars

Dirk Froebrich University of Kent

A chance for the society’s imagers to take part in a citizen science project.

Hunting Outbursting Young Stars with the Centre of Astrophysics and Planetary Science (HOYS-CAPS). Amateur astronomers from the UK and Europe, supported by professional observatories take images of objects on their target list and submit these images for inclusion in the HOYS-CAPS database. This will allow participants to plot and study light-curves of any star imaged by the project.

During the talk Dirk will explain how more amateurs can be revruited fot the task.

Location Map

More upcoming dates….
Feb 28 – leap year day?
Feb 29 – Full day session
Mar 21 – biggest telescopes
Mar27 – Inferior planets.

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