Santa’s Grotto

Sat Dec 14th 7.00pm

Santa’s Grotto

Peter's Chritmas Tree Nebula

Peter’s Christmas Tree Nebula

This is the night of our Christmas Social.


Bring your treasured possessions to meet the other members and talk about telescopes, books, software and get ideas for Christmas Presents or just wonder how much Alun really spends on astronomy! All welcome, with contributions to the buffet welcome but not essential.


Raffle prizes, pin the tail on the Great Bear.

Including sandwich and cakes, our wonderful coffee or a ‘plastique’ of Asda wine!

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Imaging School 16th August 2014

An afternoon session at St Peters hall on Saturday was attended by the keen imagers to compare notes and share constructive suggestions. The four hours enabled the popular software for astro-imaging to get a thorough examination from the experts and non-experts (that’ll be me then).

Here’s a couple of thumbnails of Robert, Christine and Tim’s sessions.


 DSC_0103   DSC_0104







With thanks to Alun and Peter for organizing and, of course, the contributors. Not forgetting Mrs Bond’s meagre housekeeping allowance that supplied the coffee 🙂


East Reading Festival 2014

We had a successful and busy time in the sunshine. Thanks to the weather, and the solar max period, many visitors had safe views of the sun’s face covered in spots.

Here is a gallery of images from Marc Charron….


Reading Science Week 2014

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March were busy evenings with about 100 visitors each evening.

This year our venue was the Museum of English Rural Life. Thanks to the British Science Association for providing the exhibition, logistics and refreshments.
The evenings were clear and we had good views of Jupiter from the surprisingly dark lawn at the museum.

MERL lawn

Outside with the telescopes

display images

Our display of work contains images and drawings by members.


Scott Marley

Scott Marley with the 21st century blackboard.

Friday Group – 20th Dec – 7.30pm

Winter Solstice Meeting.

analemma animation

Everyone knows the earth’s tilt causes deep rooted cultural and agricultural effects on human society, as well as dominating wild nature. For example, it has caused some species to suspend animation by hibernation. In former days there were important calendrical factors such as the correct season to plant crops, but modern life often throws up a cultural nuttiness.

We will take a look at the oddities of this situation as well as looking at how calendars and time-keeping evolved. We will finish with a quick summary our star’s workings and the images from SOHO that are so important.

Doors open at 7pm for setting up and conversation.


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Bracknell Astronomy Evening

We have a change of venue for this year’s effort. Click on the poster for programme of park’s events this month.

Please come along, either to help or as a visitor. The society will provide some short talks indoors, and if the weather is OK, there will be a good selection of telescopes to view the night sky. Bright objects only, it’s not a properly dark sky. We have telescopes available if you don’t have your own.

MEMBERS: If you can help in any way – and you really DON’T need a lot of expert knowledge – please let me know. We’ll need telescopes and helpers, plus a few who would like to give a 10-15 minute talk on anything astronomical. I’ve got a talk on meteors; if you have one on Comet ISON, or constellations, imaging, whatever, it would be very welcome. This should attract a lot of younger people, so nothing too technical.

Thanks, Chris. RAS Sec’

Meeting point – location

Bracknell Astronomy Evening

Introductory Meeting 13th Sept. 2013

This meeting is the first of this year’s Friday meetings and if you attend we hope you will enjoy the talk on general amateur astronomy. The talk can be described as looking at the world through the eyes of an astronomerand we hope to inspire the listener to pursue a deeper interest.

Amateur astronomy is going through a period of growth and increasing interest. Not counting the glamour effect of characters such as Brian Cox presenting science on TV there is also the concern for the environment in general and the realisation that nature can still do great harm to the planet.

Barnard 33

To show the capability of modern equipment available for amateurs, this image of the extremely faint Horsehead Nebula was obtained by a member in South Reading!

The Reading Astronomical Society exists to encourage the love of science in general and space science and exploration in particular. Participation in our society does not need any form of qualification and does not need any practical experience in observing. Meetings consist of a guest speaker, usually a practising scientist or astronomer, followed by the latest news and activities of our society. Many of our longer term members are experienced observers and image makers. Some members give up their spare time for outreach activities at youth groups and science fairs from time to time.

We emphasise that armchair astronomers who just want to be entertained in an intelligent way will find our meetings enjoyable. Why not come and try-before-you-buy. membership is £25 for  year’s meetings (£15 for retired/unwaged and free for students).

We also run a open membership Friday Club where experienced members talk about aspects of astronomy using basic non-specialist language suitable for all ages.

Palmer Park East Reading Festival

Talking to visitors at East Reading Festival




Main meetings are usually on the third Saturday each month from September to June. This will be a good opportunity to sign up for next season.

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The main and Friday sections meet at…

St. Peter’s Church Hall
Church Road

There is parking available at the hall and in the next door school playground.
Reading Buses route 19 stops adjacent to the hall.

astroBASICS Friday 21st June 2013

astroBASICS is free and open to the public
This month we look at the problems of summer astronomy
and an in-depth look at The Pole Star
The Pole Star is well known by all and often misunderstood by the public at large.

But I am constant as the northern star,
Of whose true-fix’d and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament.

Julius Caesar. Act III.

File:Polaris alpha ursae minoris.jpgWell Caesar was not to know the Pole star is not fix’d or even fixed. And certainly not constant.

VENUE: St Peters Church Hall,
Church Rd.

GPS: 51.443891° -0.928940°

Downstairs in the main hall.
Room open at 7.00pm. Talk starts at 7.30pm.

Please note significant improvements next season as we arrange most meetings on the ground floor. This will much improve our ability to help with the telescope skills of beginners.


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East Reading Festival 2013

On Sunday 16th June 2013 Reading Astronomical Society had a stand at the East Reading Festival in Palmer Park.

Members of the society talked vistors through the telescopes on display, their pros and cons of the different types. We also had a display of material and images taken by society members. Everyone who came to see us left enthused about our hobby!

All images taken by John Frake.

Talks and Telescopes at Westmorland Park

Astronomy for beginners

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