Annual Open Day

Reading Astronomical Society

St. Peter’s Church Hall, Church Road, Earley.
Near Three Tuns – RG6 1EY

Saturday 23rd Feb. 2019 1pm-5pm.

The hall will be open to members from 10am for setting up and society business.

A public open day to show, discuss, demonstrate, display all aspects of the society and our enthusiasm for the night sky.

We welcome public visitors of all ages to view displays of our amateur astronomy hobby.

Challenge our ‘experts’.
Ask an Astronomer. Impromptu talks and explanations of common astronomical objects and topics.
Why is the sky dark? What is a star?
Book sales, Old? Unloved? We have a number of astronomy volumes that don’t deserve to be scrapped. Come and see.
Computer and smartphone programmes. Based on Starry Night Pro we will be on hand to show the capabilities of these amazing learning and experimental computing tools. Bring your own and we show you what they can do.

A gallery of photographs and drawings from our locally based observers and image makers.

Try out the display of various members’ telescopes.


Drawing the Moon and other objects.
Sally Russell, contributing author of ‘Sketching The Moon’ will be on hand to conduct an astronomical artist’s workshop. Materials, techniques and equipment.
Sally at the telescope

Sally at the telescope

Eratosthenes Crater drawing

Eratosthenes Crater drawing


Astro instruments developed by members. Here is a home-made spectroscope.

Email enquiries to: [email protected]


Coffee, tea and soft drinks supplied.


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