This is not the advert. For society convenience only and this will be automatically deleted in March 2020.

Reading Astronomical Society Open Day

At St Peter’s Church Hall 29th Feb 2020
Hall open at 10am.
Event to run from 1pm to 5pm.



  • To show off the society to current and prospective members.
  • To publicise the wide variety of interests available within our hobby.
  • To enable society members to chat together about kit, observations etc.


My proposal is to set up a general area using the notice boards currently in Gerry’s possession, also to have more specialist areas see below.  I think its important have some kit on display that is at the value end of the market, we don’t want to give the impression that you need a second mortgage to enjoy our hobby.


So the sections I am suggesting are:-


Visual area; it’s the way most people start out, need a couple of good value telescopes here probably on alt-az type mounts and some bins on a photo tripod.  Volunteers to man this section please?  Some of the loan telescopes in this area would be useful.


Photographic area;  Again some kit, preferably not all high-end please, photos taken with a smart phone as well as the more sophisticated stuff. Volunteers to man this section please?


Spectroscopy Corner; as above with the kit, I have a Star Analyser if and can attach it to a scope if wanted but Alun and John Paraskeva have volunteered to man this area.


Drawing section; Malcolm suggested he could put up a moon map at one end of the room, we could point a scope at it and Sally Russell can use this to demonstrate. Haven’t discussed with Sally yet but Gerry confirms Sally is currently due to appear with some drawing items at the ready.


App Corner; Does anyone out there have expertise in smart Phone/Tablet apps they are prepared to share with the public?

OR; If the Friday laptop is available someone can sit and play/demonstrate the various installed applications. It comes with a Kensington lock just in case 🙂

(Gerry was going to manage this but his appearance is doubtful – always was dubious).


Library/Membership Corner.  Kenelm England has indicated that he is willing to get the library out and perhaps we have membership forms in this area and a prominent link to the web site. Question do we do membership on-line??


Feedback please and abuse accepted in moderation.
John Frake <[email protected]>