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Main Meeting

September 21st 2019

Ten Ways The Universe Tries To Kill You!

Stephen Tonkin FRAS – dedicated outreach speaker. The Binocular Sky,

Author, observer, educator and engaging speaker on all aspects of astronomy. His popular blog and book on binoculars for astronomy was the subject of a talk here a few years ago.

After the coffee break the usual announcements and members activities.

Including a roundup of our summer activities.

Friday Club

Sep 27th 7.30pm

Doors open at 7pm. Talk starts at 7.30pm
Entry is free and open to the public, all welcome, all ages.
This month’s topic….

How to ‘do’ amateur astronomy

Gerry’s annual introduction to how to get and keep the enthusiasm.

What to read? What to buy? Where to go? They say it all depends on, finance, domestic circumstance, and your personal interest but that all kicks in later. Let’s lay some foundations.

After the break….

Members activities, images and other news.

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More upcoming dates….
Sep27 – Friday Club
Oct 19 – Andrew Lound
Nov 11 – Transit of Mercury
Nov 16 – Amateur Radio Astronomy

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