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Friday Club

Feb 28th  7.30pm

Doors open at 7pm. Talk starts at 7.30pm
Entry is free and open to the public, all welcome, all ages.
This month’s topic….

Brian Skidmore

Titan, the planet-like moon of Saturn
Titan is a world like no other. The second largest moon in the Solar System, it possess a substantial atmosphere with a complex organic chemistry, lakes of liquid methane with river deltas and tributaries, and possibly cryovolcanoes, it is at once both Earth-like and yet distinctively alien.
Discover how the observations of Titan by the Cassini orbiter of Saturn and its Huygens lander have transformed our understanding of this incredible world.

2012 image in natural colour.

After the break

Members’ activities and talks

We may take the opportunity to setup some of the next day’s open day presentations.

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Open Day

Feb 29th 2020

1pm ’til 4pm

An annual roundup of our activities.
An exhibition and discussion opportunity for the public and prospective members
here is a link to full details

Display of locally made astronomical images.

children welcome.

St. Peter’s Church Hall, Church Road, Earley.

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Main Meeting

Mar 21st 2020 7pm

Getting light from the darkness…

…the story of the biggest telescopes.

Dr Peter Grimley School of Physics & Astronomy, Queen Mary University of London.

From the time of Galileo bigger is almost always been better. Gathering more light meant seeing more and more. This talk looks at the world’s biggest telescopes – from the early attempts to make accurate lenses, to the technological marvels that now inhabit some of the most outlandish places on Earth.

After the coffee break the usual announcements and members’ activities.

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More upcoming dates….
Mar 21 – biggest telescopes
Mar27 – Inferior planets.

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