Next Meetings

Meetings will be limited to zoom software for the time being.

Astronomy weekly catchup every Friday

Astronomy chat by experts and beginners with Newbury and Reading Societies on zoom.
Zoom session – Request login details from Gerry by text on 07510 444 630 or email
[email protected]

Sat, January 16th 7pm

Newbury Guest Meeting.

Members from NewburyAS will do three short talks

Zoom logon will be provided by the usual messaging systems.

This will be a virtual talk on zoom.

March 20th, 2021 7pm.

Quasars and Galaxy Evolution.

Victoria Fawcett – Durham University

My research is focussed on quasars (incredibly luminous active galactic nuclei), specifically quasars with red optical colours and how these objects tie into galaxy evolution.

This will be a virtual talk on zoom.




Remember we keep in touch through the google group, news list, and Zoom.
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