The usual social evening last Saturday passed very well with lots of advice shared and equipment admired, especially Alun’s new binoculars. Don’t ask the price.

Marc Charron has a link to his images, the last one of which has two Geminids on the same frame taken from the park at the back later on.

Friday 19th

There is more to come with the Friday Club meeting as usual on 19th but this time in the upstairs room. Be prepared to park in the school yard next door.

Expect an entertaining view of the universe in the talk. The view from Earth as a whole and how it changes as time goes by. As we charge around the Milky Way, what direction are we headed? Precession has changed our sky over the millennia. What is it? How did the constellations come to be and why we are lumbered with 5,000 year old terminology.

As it’s Christmas – extended coffee break and nibbles.  I have promised the hall manager that we will look after the carpet :-)

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